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Showing posts from February, 2024

Over at Greerton

We had. Session at Greerton where it is all ways a good time as you can see just chilling in this amazing cheer   

Out and about

I do love getting out and about with my friends I’ve been out a bit this week to I dance community walks etc.this picture is me going to Bayfair we’re we had a look at the shops  

Good week out and about

Went to Papamoa this week to duck island we feed all the ducks and eel’s that were all so happy to see us.I all so went to te puke high school for sensory we’re I loved all the new things   

Been busy little 🐝

Playing some games in the morning with my mate joe who looks after me and keeps me busy lots of sports at the park loving summer 🌺 so good  

It’s been hot

It’s been so hot lately so glad this week we got to go swimming I love being back in the water