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Showing posts from November, 2023

Bay fear

The bus trip was a bit of a bumpy ride but we got there ok and when we got there Christmas was up so we got some pictures   

Hide away little jess

Dancing as a butterfly I like to come out of my cookie  

Full on fun in the sun

This week I have been playing the water and had fun at the beach with my mate also went for a good time at the mail  

Circus and Animal group

Having a fun time at Circability and playing with the hoops and throwing it to my friends. Helping wash Peanut and giving him a nice warm bath.It was a beautiful day for a doggy clean.  

Sensory and pamper group

Here I am enjoying the sensory boards at Greerton centre.we explored a lot of different lights and textures. Got my hair done in pamper group today and enjoyed it a lot I really love getting my hair done.  

In door football

Monday we played in door football with the wheel cheer we loved it I got two goals